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Only 48% of global employees view their bosses as intentional and high-quality.

That's a problem.

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We Have a Leadership Problem

We spend 25% of our adult life at work.

What if we use words like disenfranchised, underwhelmed, frustrated, or burnt out to describe our work?

Worse yet, what if those we lead describe work using those words?

We are all too familiar with these words. They are used countless times by our clients, previous colleagues, and many junior leaders we mentor. We have even used them ourselves before.

Bottom line: We have a leadership problem.

And you, friend, can be a solution to that problem.

And We've Been There

We’ve experienced the crucibles of terrible leaders and bosses.

We’ve had our fair share of bad bosses; of leaders who did not lead by example.

Leaders who didn’t care. Who lacked values, morals, and conviction. Who couldn’t clarify purpose, direction, or generate motivation.

We’ve waited seven years into our career to finally have a mentor.

Thankfully we’ve moved to new organizations, had new bosses, and realized the need to take responsibility for own development. But those poor early leadership experiences led us to recognize the power of leadership and the consequences of its absence. It’s led us to create this platform to equip and inspire others like you to become more intentional in how you lead.

So, if you’ve had similarly challenging experiences or feel that way now, trust us, we have been there too. But there is hope. We are not victims of our circumstances.

People Need and Deserve Intentional Leaders

We think everyone is entitled to outstanding leadership. We...you!...are called to provide that leadership.

Our team believes in the power of leadership. It can transform how people view and experience work, how they show up in other important areas of life, and the impact we can have on the world through our work.

That is why we champion intentional leaders who create significant impacts.

And you can be one, too. People and the world need you to be one.

So, join us on a life-long journey to becoming a more intentional leader. We look forward to seeing the impacts you’ll achieve.

Lead well, friends.

Ready to Create Significant Impacts Through Your Leadership?

Only 48% of employees consider their leaders as intentional and high-quality. Are you part of that minority? We need more intentional leaders. 

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