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How Do You Describe Work?

Frustrated. Disappointed. Disenfranchised. Underwhelmed.

These, unfortunately, are some of the most common words that many of our friends, our mentees, our customers, those in our community, and even we ourselves have used to describe work.

And that challenges us because we believe our work can be incredibly important. It can be a means for us to impact others’ lives and the world positively and significantly.

We also spend about 25% of our adult life at work. That’s just too much time and too much opportunity lost for work to be anything other than meaningful.

We’ve had bad bosses.

We’ve been in unhealthy work cultures where results trumped everything else to include people, doing what’s right, and the sustainability of the organization.

We’ve experienced selfish leaders. Incompetent ones. And ones that have lacked character.

But we do not believe work and leadership have to be this way. We are committed to building intentional leaders who create better work experiences for employees and better impacts on the world through what they do.

About Us

At 3x5 Leadership we champion intentional leaders who create significant impacts by finding their unique, compelling, and enduring VOICE – it’s our reason for existence, and we’re passionate about it.

To “champion intentional leaders” means to advocate and fight for you to step forward with a sharper focus on how you will engage – with yourself, your team, and your world! We all experience the constant tension of life – distractions abound, there’s always more that needs to be done, and it will seem like everyone is clamoring for your attention. It’s tempting to either become overwhelmed or want to step back from it all.

We believe leaders step forward into these challenges with the intention to create. That means they look for where they can act to make a positive difference – in someone’s work, in someone’s approach, in someone’s life. And that is a significant impact worth pursuing and working hard for.

What's In a Name?

The 3x5 index card is the most simple, base learning tool available – and it’s our tool of choice.

Intentional leaders see every moment, interaction, and event as an opportunity for development – for themselves and for those they interact with. Thus, we always keep 3x5 index cards on hand to capture any idea, thought, or lesson we may encounter. Rarely does a day go by where we aren’t pulling out a 3x5 card to capture something. What starts on a 3x5 card connects and grows to become what you see on this platform – an article, an idea for action, a reflection, a #WhiteboardWednesday, a podcast.

In naming this resource 3x5 Leadership, we celebrate a commitment to learning, growing, and intentional pursuit of improvement – these help leaders find their voice. We’re inspired by that pursuit, and we hope this inspires you to find your voice as well!

Finding Your Voice

What is a unique, compelling, and enduring VOICE? It’s the enabling mechanism that we believe helps you to step forward as an intentional leader who creates significant impacts, and everything we do at 3x5 Leadership is oriented on this model. So, let’s break it down!

V = Vision for the Future

Describing the accomplishments of your team tomorrow in order to build them today.

O = Obstacles You Face

Guiding you to realize your challenges do not have to be the end of the leadership journey.

I = Insight to Inform Action

Harnessing the power of questions and theory to generate momentum.

C = Clarifying Your Next Steps

Finding the right direction for you and your team, and building a clear path forward.

E = Engaging Endeavors

Unlocking the integrating power of your passion, your purpose, and your people.

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