#13 You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup

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Leaders are always involved in a lot – decisions, organizational actions, processes, and even in peoples’ development and lives. And many leaders feel compelled to be present, be available, and be engaged in every opportunity that presents itself. It is hard for us to say no. We can experience stress and even guilt around doing so.

But there is a simple philosophy that has guided much on how I approach life and leadership, and it is a philosophy that started simply as a shirt that my wife bought:

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

So, this week, we dive into this philosophy and how it can shape how we live, lead, and remain resilient. We explore four questions that can help you apply it to your own life as well as use it as a developmental framework with others.

We are confident this episode can equip you to be more intentional in how you live and lead in any relevant role in life starting today. Thanks for joining us and for your support.

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