#14 Ten Lessons in Developing Culture

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Culture is easily one of those topics that leaders know is important and something we should do about, yet, we don’t really know what to do or where to start. Culture is important, absolutely, but it is also big, wieldy, and hard to manage.

So, in this episode, we explore ten lessons developing culture. These lessons are a combination of important considerations and actionable ideas for leaders to begin the long, hard work of cultivating an intentional organizational culture.

These lessons have been learned through challenge, through trial and error, and even through some surprise success. But all are universal, applying to your organizational context as well.

So, check out this week’s episode to help you be more focused and proactive in developing an intentional culture.

You can also check out the simple document that captures all ten lessons on 1-page HERE. Take it, print it, hang it in your office, keep it in your notebook, and share it with your colleagues!

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