#15 My Best New Management Practice for the Year

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The topic of management practices isn’t sexy, but it’s important. Managing well is an important habit of intentional leaders. Effectively and efficiently managing our team increases clarity, alignment, and synchronization across the team. It also improves capacity, reducing the number of inefficient meetings, huddles, and standups that we have over the course of a week. Good management practices enable us to move beyond the quagmire of routine tasks and urgencies and into the important work of new value creation.

In this episode, I (Josh) share the best new management practice that I started this past year. It explores a two-part process. First, how I use a simple digital platform to keep track of my team’s current tasks and projects. Second, I share how I structure and use weekly one-on-ones with my direct reports. Then, we end by sharing the benefits that my team and I enjoy because of this disciplined process.

I believe this episode will equip and inspire you to manage your team in new, better, more efficient ways to ultimately improve your productivity, engagement, and effectiveness. So, check it out today! If you find it helpful, share it with your colleagues and friends as well.

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