#23 Incremental vs. Transformational Growth (Hint: We Need Both)


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We might be looking for the ultimate hack to help us achieve that 10x growth as a leader – the one conference, the one mentor, the one coach that can help us hit the jackpot. We hope to find that transformational growth easy button.

But our growth is like the meals we eat. We may be looking forward to the next Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the 4th of July BBQ feast. But those might be months away. What do we do between now and then? If we don’t keep eating until then, we will starve. Our development as leaders is the same. We need both routine incremental growth and the big-time transformational growth.

So, today’s episode briefly explores incremental growth, transformational growth, and shares a few lessons to consider when looking to apply them.

We know the insight in this episode will help you lead and learn more intentionally. We encourage you to check it and give it a listen. And, if you found it helpful, share the episode with a friend or colleague!

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