#8 Giving Autonomy (Part 2 of the Motivation Series)

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What if one of your team members told you they were quitting their job and stated it was because of “not enough work flexibility?” or because they “are seeking more independence.” Well, these are some of the most common reasons why people quit and it’s a motivation problem, particularly a problem with autonomy.

Autonomy is simply giving people the space or the latitude to work in ways that best suit them and it is a powerful motivational tool for leaders.


  • Cultivates ownership, responsibility, and pride across your team.
  • Is an essential leader development tool.
  • Increases leader and employee capacity, particularly improved time and space to get work done.

So, in today’s episode, we dive into what autonomy is, why it’s important, and four simple ways that you can begin injecting more autonomy into how your team works today. Specifically, we look at four types of autonomy: task, team, time, and technique.

We believe this episode will enable you to reframe and improve how you lead your people to create a more motivating, productive, and impactful place to work.

Thanks for joining us. Check out the episode today!

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