#12 Developing Junior Leaders

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I wish my boss trusted me more.” “If only they would give me some decision authority and empower me to get the job done, we’d be able to avoid messes like this in the future.”

As a leader, how do you trust and empower your team responsibly and intentionally? This is a hard thing to do as a leader! Not only do people want to be trusted and empowered, but we as leaders should want to give that trust and empowerment! Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

In this episode, we’re going to unpack the importance of taking a developmental approach when engaging with junior leaders. JJ explores a four-step cycle that can enable us to build capable, confident, and competent leaders within our teams and organizations. He outlines why it is necessary that we train and certify, then trust and empower our teams, and then closes with four questions that we must reflect on if we are struggling with managing the development of the junior leaders on our team.

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