#16 How to Lead with Gratitude This Year

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Gratitude may seem like just another soft, squishy, unnecessary topic that’s not worth our time. Who’s got time for this, right? I don’t! But gratitude is so much more. It’s powerful. It is necessary. Gratitude requires leaders to have the discipline to slow down, be more present and aware of others, and remain grateful no matter the circumstances.

For this week’s episode, we explore what gratitude is, why it matters for leaders, and 5 ways that you can begin thoughtfully expressing it with your people today. The habits are as simple as:

  • Saying thank you more regularly
  • Recognizing people in emails and meetings
  • Sharing “3rd party praise”
  • Writing a gratitude card or two per week
  • Start a team gratitude ritual

We dive into each of these activities to help you understand how to put them into action now. We end by offering important considerations to carry out these behaviors authentically, effectively, and efficiently.

So, check out this week’s new episode and share it with a friend or colleague. We know it will be well worth you and their time.

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