#17 Stop Having Terrible Meetings

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I (Josh) spend 27% of my work week in meetings. What about you? A survey of managers found that over 60% of them assess meetings to be unproductive, unhelpful, and even a distraction. Meetings are terrible. But we can’t seem to escape them. From how many meetings we have to how terrible they are when we are in them, meetings simply suck.

But there are ways to make our meetings better. And actually productive. Maybe even enjoyable. They just require leaders to mindfully invest in them as an experience just like anything else we do at work.

So, this week, we explore meetings and how to make them less terrible. We offer specific things leaders can do to:

  • Have less meetings
  • Lead more productive meetings
  • And craft more thoughtful ones

We encourage you to check out this week’s new episode and share it with a friend or colleague. We believe it will be well worth yours and their time, ultimately helping you to lead more intentionally this week.

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