#22 How to Deal with Conflict

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I feel like I'm trying to be Switzerland between two angry countries that are each tossing me a grenade and telling me to then throw it at the other one. Finn and I used to get along really well, but since Hank has started telling me how he thinks things should be done, it often differs from Finn's proposed method, and for the past several weeks now we've all just gotten totally stuck in a vicious cycle. If we can't get this figured out, I'm gonna start looking for other work. I love this mission and this project, but I just don't think I can do this anymore.

As a leader, you cannot afford to let conflict persist. Conflict stems from miscommunication and is catalyzed by pride. Combined, these two factors create a dangerous environment where conflict can sprout and thrive.

In this episode, we’re going to unpack how to address conflict. JJ explores the difference between tension and conflict and the underlying factors that create conflict conditions. He outlines a conflict resolution process, discussing how we diagnose conflict, decide how we will handle conflict, and then enact and monitor a plan to resolve conflict. Our hope is that you recognize that to be an intentional leader who creates significant impact, you realize that it is your privilege to lean into conflict with the goal of guiding and leading your team back into a productive and proactive state.

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