#24 Six Common Failures We Make When Leading Change

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Leaders change and make change. If we are in the business of making people and organizations better, that requires change. But change is hard. It’s messy. It feels like a constant uphill battle against resistance. So, leaders need to use a structured, prepared, and well-developed change plan. But even when we do, we still make common failures.

So, let’s explore common failures we make when trying to lead change. In doing so, we hope that we can equip you and your team to better avoid them in the future.

Six common failures we discuss in this episode include:

  1. Not establishing and communicating a compelling need for change.
  2. We don’t communicate the change vision nearly enough.
  3. Failing to enable others by removing big obstacles.
  4. Don’t build a guiding coalition.
  5. We don’t anchor the change for long-term impact.
  6. We are unable to be patient, unwilling to take a long-view, and fail to recognize that change takes a long time.

We hope this episode brings important awareness to these failures, so you avoid them and don’t learn the hard way (like we so often have). If you find the episode helpful, we encourage you to share it with a friend, colleague, or teammate to let them learn and grow as well. But thanks for listening and we hope it guides you to lead more intentionally this week.

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