#9 Two Tools to Improve Team Motivation (Part 3 of the Motivation Series)

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Motivated people are more engaged, committed, and capable. When leaders set conditions for high intrinsic motivation and build space for people to have more autonomy, our people become better, leaders have more capacity, and the organization grows. Leaders must thoughtfully and sustainably generate motivation where they lead and whom they lead.

So, in today’s episode, the third and final part of this short motivation series, we explore two tools that leaders can use to help assess the state of peoples’ motivation and to create a structured approach to improving it. Instead of guessing where and how leaders should improve motivation, often failing by applying surface-level psychological solutions to deep organizational issues, leaders can target specific areas to improve motivation appropriately.

The first tool is called the Two-Factor Theory, where we target the sources of peoples’ work satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and how to improve both conditions.

The second tool is the Job Characteristics Model, which specifies five particular job characteristics to generate intrinsic motivation, job satisfaction, and work effectiveness: skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback. So, we explore all five characteristics and how leaders can use those to improve work motivation.

We believe this episode will enable you to reframe and improve how you lead your people to create a more motivating, productive, and impactful place to work.

Thanks for joining us. Check out the episode today!

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